Bib Necklaces and Bracelets from Nocturne Jewelry in the UK

August 12, 2014

Due to the suceess of the Reiko Kaneko gold lip tease mugs, we decided to cross the pond for more British design inspiration. We are pleased to announce that we discovered the gorgeous statement necklaces and bracelets of Nocturne, a contemporary jewlery label based in London.

Nocturne is led by a small team of London designers with prior experience at Paul Smith, Chloé and Loewe. Inspired by the spirit of Orientalism, Nocturne has established a reputation for effortless chic and exquisite craftsmanship – a reputation that continues to grow and evolve with each collection.

The statement necklace trend is still very prevalent.  We have been gravitating towards Nocturne’s statement pieces because they are high-impact, while also being lightweight.  These necklaces look equally stunning with a plain white tee or your LBD!  

See the entire collection here:

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New Buffalo Horn & Lacquer Jewelry from Vivo Studios

August 5, 2014

If you love our lacquer boxes, we're sure you'll also love our new lacquer jewelry from Vivo Studios. Handcrafted with genuine buffalo horn with the finest attention to detail. We offer two color ways that are sure to please. Check out more from Vivo Studios, including pieces that include exotic shagreen and lizard,

Summer Season Hostess Must Haves!

June 28, 2014

It's that time of year again! Want to be the guest that keeps getting invited back? Don't show up empty handed and bring the hostess one of these must haves that she will adore!

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In @ToandFromGifts Holiday 2013 Gift Guide

November 20, 2013

Our shagreen business card holder. It is practical, check. It is colorful, check. It is exotic shagreen, check.  The perfect gift for the young stylish working girl!

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Skultuna Candle Votives Luxe Gifting for the Holidays

November 6, 2013

Did you expect anything less from a company founded by Swedish royalty? 400 years gave them plenty of time to perfect the gift box!

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Reiko Kaneko Featured in the Singapore Edition of the Robb Report

September 9, 2013

It's seems we're not the only fans of Reiko Kaneko's whimsical chinaware. Check out the Robb Report article below. If you're not familiar with the Robb Report, it is a luxury lifestyle magazine touting merchandise and toys for the affluent clientele.

Afternoon Tea The Kaneko Way


AUGUST 14, 2013


One young designer is giving fine English bone china a modern, Japanese touch. "I love black and white," proclaims chinaware designer Reiko Kaneko. Yet, her designs are anything but monotonous-think permanent lipstick stains and athletes struggling to jump over the handle of a cup. The former motif appears in her Lip Tease series, which features lipstick stains in gold and platinum on the edges of mugs. "I like to use familiar-visual references and turn them on their heads ... things that are traditionally regarded as dirty and unwanted can be made desirable in gold," she explains.


Of her design featuring athletes, she says: "This is for those who think it's funny to have a pole-vaulting man struggling to leap over the mug handle while they sit back and have their tea." The pole vaulter is joined by other athletes in the Jumpy series, which was designed for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. A sense of fun is an integral part of the chinaware created by the British-Japanese designer. "Wit and humour in design was my dissertation topic at degree level," she lets on.


Six years have passed since she first set up her design studio in 2007. Although Kaneko has not entirely dropped the quirky touches that have made her a household name, lately, she has been exploring a less playful aesthetic, and taking on bespoke commissions.


"My more recent collections are concerned with new shapes and forms, and have a quieter feel overall," she says. The all-white pieces from her new series, Petal, The Boat and Bamboo, draw the user's attention to the structural beauty that is often overlooked in familiar objects. Individual bowls and plates from the first series resemble freshly plucked petals, but combine to form a flower. The Boat series, meanwhile, features a fruit basket that resembles a Viking ship when viewed from the side and a plate that calls to mind a simple wooden rowing boat. The Bamboo collection, which comprises sake cups, a decanter, tumblers, and a water vessel, cleverly mimics cut bamboo stems of various lengths. Bespoke commissions include the Oyster Cocktail Vessel and the Mad Hatter's Stand. The former, designed for The Bar with No Name in London, is shaped like an empty oyster shell. The latter is a tiered sandwich stand that looks like three of the Mad Hatter's hats stacked on top of one another. It was created to complement the Alice in Wonderland menu at Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck.


Kaneko's work is stocked internationally and retails in Singapore exclusively at Atomi. Shee sees designs that embrace simplicity as the future of tableware. "I see more restaurants using locally-sourced ingredients and talking a more holistic approach in their menus. Similarly, I see tableware trends going the way of stripped-down, bare beauty," she says. "It could be unglazed finishes or natural hues in various browns with darker colours coming through."


See original article here:

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