The Story Behind Our Beaded Clutches from the Philippines

October 12, 2011
A Selection of Beaded Clutches

Our exquisitely hand woven and beaded clutches are individually crafted in the southern province of the Philippines. The hand weaving and beading are based on centuries-old tradition from the tribeswomen who would adorn their garments with beadwork made of shells.

During our travels to the Philippines, we met a truly inspiring woman who runs a community cooperative that strives to preserve the art of hand-weaving and beading while empowering women to make a living locally.  For economic reasons, many Filipina women have to make the heartbreaking decision to leave their home and families for work in other countries.

Each bag you purchase comes with a card naming the woman who created it.  From a woman in the Philippines to you…she thanks you for the opportunity to build a livelihood for herself and her family.

These beautiful pieces are individually made and created entirely by hand:

1. The fabric is hand woven on a traditional loom.

2. The fabric is dyed with all natural ingredients; mangrove for copper, guava for peach and indigo for light olive green.

3. Each clutch is hand-beaded with a design consisting of glass beads, sequins, mother of pearl and/or fresh water pearls.

We donate 10% of our profits to Action Against Hunger, an organization that embodies the spirit of giving and sharing around the world.
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